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Yellow Brick Home Bathroom

Photo via Yellow Brick Home

Kim and Scott of Yellow Brick Home are making me appreciate our pink bathroom tile a little more with their Two Flat bathrooms. Have you seen them? One has a pink sink and tub, and the other has pink tile.

I finally hung a gallery wall in our living room, but I still need frames for a few pieces. I’m really liking the selection Craig Frames has. I’m all for custom framing, but sometimes I just don’t want to spend the money. These look like quality frames, but with a much lower price tag than custom. I really like the burl ones.

Have you seen Blown Away on Netflix? We watched the first season back when it first came out and loved it, so we were excited when a second season was released this month.

Speaking of entertainment. If you like musicals and aren’t following Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear on Instagram and TikTok, go follow them now! They are currently writing a musical based on the new Netflix show, Bridgerton. We are so impressed, and we’ve had their songs stuck in our heads ever since discovering them.

I’ve had a hard time keeping an exercise routine since the pandemic started. I downloaded the app FitOn, mostly because it’s free, and I’ve been loving it! I like that there are short and long workouts, and there’s a great variety.

This New York Times article about indigenous artists on Instagram is a good read.

Daniel and I upgraded our phones, and we ended up getting Smartish cases and screen protectors. I got just the normal grip case, and Daniel got the one with the wallet. We both just prefer a practical case that will last a long time, and we are happy with these. They were the Wirecutter choice.

Let’s end with a few food recommendations:

These cacio e pepe balls are addicting. We’ve made them several times. If you’ve ever had Yorkshire pudding, the texture of these is very similar.

Hope Hummus is our new go-to hummus, since the local restaurant we used to buy hummus from closed. We’ve tried the black garlic, avocado, and classic. They are all good, but the classic remains our favorite.

Have you tried Olipop? I had seen sponsored stories for it on Instagram, but I was a little skeptical. We got some in a recent Imperfect Foods order and we love it! We’ve tried the vintage cola and the root beer, and both were good. It will likely just be an occasional treat for us since it’s a little pricey.


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